Facilites in the surrounding

The Spa town of Konstantinovy Lázně is situated 40 km from northwest of Pilsen at an altitude of 520 m and it is one of the ecologically cleanest area in Bohemia. The local mineral water has the highest concentration of CO2 in Bohemia. The spa focuses on the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal problems but also diabetes and respiratory issues. It is the only spa in Pilsen region.

Recreation in town

  • wellness centre in Prusík Hotel (for public)
  • salt cave
  • massages
  • spa procedures
  • social activites (Lázeňská struna, Svěcení pramenů and other)

Services in town

  • grocery stores
  • gas station
  • bus and train stations (150m from camp)
  • pharmacy, dentist and health center


  • horse riding (2 km)
  • swimming in a flooded quarry (2,5 km)
  • football pitch (150 m)
  • multi purpose gym (3 km)
  • tennis and foot volleyballl courts ( 150 m)
  • municipal pool (150 m)
  • golf course (13 km)

Surrounding of the camp La Rocca and Konstantinovy Lázně

Beautiful nature and quit surroundings make Konstantinovy Lázně an ideal place for family holiday focused on outdoor activities and relaxation in nature. Here you find links to a few websitea that will bring you closer tp the beauty of this area.



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