House Rules

House rules 

Business Operator:

Plzeňské Terceto, s.r.o.
U Radbúzy 790/20, Plzeň

Company identification number: 62621653
Tax identification number: CZ62621653

Company, address:

Camp La Rocca
V Aleji 136
Konstantinovy Lázně, 349 52



Reception: +420 775 983 377


SprávceGroundskeeper: +420 603 309 750

Food management: +420 724 375 791

Operation time: 1.5. - 30.9. 

Reporting fire, water and power faults, medical treatment:

Report any occurence of fire at the reception, please follow fire alarm guidelines available at the reception, alternatively call or 112 Guests are obligated to report any water or power fault at the reception in person. You are prohibited to try and repair the defect yourself. If medical treatment is required, the guest should contact the reception staff.

First aid kit:

If needed, the first aid kit is located at the campsite reception. It is equipped with basic dressing material, desinfectantes and painkillers.


Guests are obligated to pay the prices in accordance with the valid price list for accommodation and provided services. The bill is due on the day of arrival, valid price list is available at the reception or on the camp website.

Cancellation fees:

Refund of a deposit will be assessed as follows:

a) If customer cancels the reservation at least 21-30 days before arrival ( reservation can only be canceled in writing or by email ), they will be refunded 60 % of the paid deposit,

b) If customer cancels the reservation at least 8-20 days before arrival (reservation can only be canceled in writing or by email ), they will be refunded 40 % of the paid deposit

c) If a customer cancels the reservation 0-7 days before arrival (reservation can only be canceled in writing or by email), they are not entitled to refund and full deposit will be forfeited in favor of the camp operator.

In the event of reservation cancellation by the camp operator, customers will be granted full refund 100 % of the paid deposit. No refund will be granted for early check-out.


All guests are obligated to get acquainted with camp accommodation rules. By accepting the bill, the guest confirms that they have been acquainted with these rules and they undertake to comply with them. In case of gross violation of these rules, the guests or visitors stay in the camp may be terminated with immediate effect and they may be expelled from the promises by a camp employee.

Guests suffering from infectious diseases cannot be accommodated.

Autocamp can only accommodate a guest who registers properly. For this purpose, all guests must present their valid ID (valid passport).

Guests who are not accommodated are not allowed in the campsite. Visitors must be reported at the reception - 1 hour free, then 80 CZK - person a day.

Autocamp receptionist will assign the guests cottage or show them the place where they can set up a tent or park their caravan. It is prohibited to set up tents outside the designated places for tents.

Guests are obligated to respect this rule. Autocamp La Rocca may, in special cases, offer the guest accommodation other than the one agreed, provided, that it does not differ significantly from the one originally confirmed. Guests have the right to use the cottage duly paid for, for the time agreed with the reception. On the last day of stay, the guest is obligated to leave the cottage and hand in the keys at the reception no later than 10:00 am, Autocamp receptionist may charge him for another day.

Guests with their own tents, caravans, and cars are obligated to leave the premises by 10:00 am or extend their stay immediately.

Guest rights and obligations

Guests are not allowed to move equipment, perform repairs, or interfere in any way with electric, water or gas installations, in the cottages or on any Autocamp premises without the consent of the Autocamp management.

Guests are obligated to check the inventory list available in each cottage on the day of arrival and immediately report any discrepancies at the reception. Subsequent complaints will not be taken into account and the guest will have to pay for any discrepancies in cash on the spot.

For safety reasons, it is not allowed to leave children under the age of 10, in the cottages and other Autocamp social areas, without adult supervision.

Guests are responsible for any damage caused to the equipment and property of the Autocamp La Rocca in accordance with applicable regulations and are obligated to compensate for such damage in full.

With the exception of arrival and departure from the area, use of motor and electric vehicles (quad bikes, motorcycles, tractors, cars, etc.) on the premises is prohibited.

It is forbidden to fly drones on the camp promises.

Guests are obligated to dispose of all garbage in assigned places and designated trash cans.

Autocamp La Rocca is located in a Protected countryside area.

Felling of forest trees or any other damage to nature or woody plants is strictly prohibited.

Building, maintaining, attending or using a campfire is only allowed in designated areas.

Guests staying in the camp are obligated to maintain cleanliness and order, especially in sanitary facilities.

Night quiet hours:

From 11:00 pm to 7:00 am guests are obligated to keep the night quiet, as per the general binding decree issued by the municipality of Konstantinovy Lazne.

The mail entrance gate is closed from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am.

Guests are obligated to keep calm in the Autocamp even during the day and not to disturb other guests by shouting, loud singing, excessively loud music, etc. Autocamp La Rocca cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to the guests property, unless caused by an employee of Autocamp La Rocca. There is no guarded parking in the Autocamp. Cars or any other motor or electric vehicles placed on the premises are not guarded, Autocamp is therefore not responsible for any damage or theft.

Sport facilities:

Ball games or any other sports may only be practiced on the playing field or in places designated for this purpose. All sports activities ( including pool activities) in the Autocamp area are performed by guests at their own risk.

Autocamp La Rocca cannot be held responsible for any injuries or damage to health. Playgrounds (swings, slides, climbing monkey bars, etc.) can be used by children only in the presence of an adult (parent, teacher, etc.). Autocamp hereby warns guests not to allow children on the playground unattended.

Autocamp La Rocca cannot be held responsible for any injuries or damage to health. It is strictly forbidden to bring any glass to all sports facilities, including the swimming pool.

For safety reasons, jumping into the pool is strictly forbidden and for hygienic reasons pool area or pool can be entered only through footbath.

Please use the bicycle shed to store your bicycle. It is forbidden to store bicycles in the accommodation facility.

Complaints and suggestions:

Please report any complaints or suggestions for improvement of the operation of Autocamp La Rocca to the camp receptionist.

Dogs welcome:

Dogs are allowed in the camp under following conditions: dog must not run freely, dog must have a dog tag, dog must be on a leash.

The dog owner is obligated to: immediately pick up the dogs excrements, ensure that dog does not harass other residents of the camp.

During “night quiet” dogs must stay inside of your accommodation.

These Accommodation Rules are valid from 1st May 2021.

Thank you for following the rules of the La Rocca campsite.

Camp management