Sports ground

Swimming Pool

Lenght: 22 meters
Width: 10 m
Depth: max. 1.8 m
The pool is open from 15.6. till 30.8.2020
Opening hours - daily: 10:00 - 18:00

The pool is divided into two parts - a swimming pool for adult swimmers and paddling pool for children. Opening hours are limited for several reasons. First is water quality. In 2019, as part of the improvement of our services, the pool engine room has undergone reconstruction. Now we have modern cleaning facilities and we meet the strictest hygienic criteria. In order to improve water quality, we maintain time - consuming technological processes of filtration, chlorination and water recirculation. Another key reason is the environmental and savinf water. We try not to be indifferent to this environmental threat and reduce water usage.

Tennis Court

Lenght: 24 metres
Width: 11 m.
Surface: artificial grass

If you liketo playing tennis, come and try our court located directly at the La Rocca campsite. You can book time on the court at the reception. Tennis rackets and balls can be rented at an additional cost.

Beach Volleyball Court

Lenght: 22 metres
Width: 12 m
Surface: sand
The court can not be book in advance, the rule is: "First come, first play". You can borrow a volleyball ball free of charge at the reception.

In-line Track

Start: approx. 150 metres from campsite

Lenght: 7 km



There are many hiking trails around the campsite that will take you to popular tourits sites.

Natural trails:

  • NS Krasíkov - Ovčí vrch.
  • NS Ke studánce lásky.
  • NS Hradišťský vrch.
  • NS Šipín.
  • NS Kosí potok.
  • NS Údolím Úterského a Nezdického potoka.


Konstantinolazensko landscape is interlaced with cycle routes that will take you to all exciting historic sites and amazing natural phenomena.

Routes and sites:

  • Gutštejn - a romantic ruin.
  • Úterý - conservation urban zone.
  • Teplá - monastery of Premonstratensian.
  • Planá - mining museum, historic square.
  • Stříbro - mining open-air museum, Minorite monastery, historic centrum.
  • Prameny - healing spring Novoveské kyselky, Národní přírodní památka Křížky.
  • Mariánské lázně - park Boheminium - seven dozens of perfect miniatures of major structural and technical monuments od Czech Republic. .



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